How to Maintain Your Smile after a Teeth-Whitening Procedure

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If you have recently had a teeth-whitening procedure done, you are probably really loving your new, beautiful white smile. You probably want to maintain it as long as possible, but you could be worried that your teeth will become discolored again pretty quickly. Luckily, following a few tips can help you keep your teeth pretty and white for quite some time.

Rinse Your Mouth Out Regularly

Make it a habit to rinse your mouth out with water regularly. After eating or drinking, rinsing your mouth out can help prevent surface stains. Plus, as an addition, it can help freshen your breath. It's also a good idea to drink a glass of water along with anything else that you might be eating or drinking; this will help flush out your mouth before foods have as much of a chance to stain your teeth.

Be Careful about What You Eat

Some foods can cause your newly whitened teeth to stain very easily. Brightly colored berries, red tomato sauces and other red foods, wine, tea, coffee, and other foods and beverages that are brightly or darkly colored can all stain your teeth. Avoiding these foods will help you keep your teeth pretty and white.

Use a Straw When Drinking

As mentioned above, dark or bright-colored drinks can stain your teeth. When drinking tea, fruit juice, or other brightly colored drinks, use a straw. Although it won't fully prevent the beverages from coming in contact with your teeth, it will help them bypass the fronts of your teeth, which can help reduce staining in visible areas. An even better choice is to just drink plain water, which won't stain your teeth and is good for your body.

Avoid Smoking

If you haven't stopped smoking yet, think about the many reasons that you should do it. You probably already know that smoking has a negative effect on your health, but you should know that tobacco use can also cause your pretty white teeth to turn brown. If you're having trouble kicking your habit, consider talking to your physician about your options, such as using a nicotine patch to help control your cravings. Along with helping your teeth stay pretty and white, this move will be beneficial for your overall health, as well.

Whether you had your teeth whitened for a special occasion or just want to enjoy a gorgeous white smile in your everyday life, following these tips will help you enjoy your newly-whitened teeth for as long as possible. For further tips or to have your teeth whitened, contact a dentist through a website like