2 Ways To Restore Your Teeth

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Being able to have a smile you're proud of is sure to make you feel better about your overall appearance and may instill self-confidence in you. However, if you're faced with fixing a tooth that is damaged, you will want to know the best dental procedures to assist you. You will have to be a candidate for these before getting the work completed, but knowing the best methods for restoring your teeth may be helpful to you.

Dental Fillings

One way to restore a tooth that has a certain amount of decay is with a dental filling. Your dentist will assess your tooth and then determine the size of the cavity and assign a surface level to it. The surface levels vary from one to six and one is an indication of the least amount of decay.

This process will involve the dentist removing the decayed portion of the tooth and then filling it with a composite material. Your dental professional will decide which material will best suit your needs and last the longest. It's common for amalgam or porcelain to be used to fill a tooth.

The average cost of dental fillings will vary based on the amount of decay you have. However, you can expect to pay $50-$120 for a one or two surface filling.

Dental Crowns

If you have extensive damage to a tooth, you may need to get a crown for it. This will involve making two visits to the dental office in most cases.

Listed below are the steps involved in getting a crown:

1.    Evaluation – Your dentist will thoroughly evaluate your tooth and will do an x-ray of it. This will help determine the amount of work that must be completed to restore it.

2.    Preparation – It's necessary to remove all of the decay surrounding the tooth and then an impression will be made and sent to the dental lab.

3.    Placement – Once the crown is ready, you will need to return to the dental office and have it cemented into place. There may be some adjustments that will need to be made for the right fit.

The average cost of a dental crown is $500-$1,100 per tooth.

It's important to work to maintain your teeth and pursue any dental restorations as necessary. Be sure to schedule your appointment today with your local dentist, such as DSW Dental, to discuss any of your dental needs.