Making A Temporary Pulp Cap Last

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While you are getting a filling, the dentist may notice that a cavity is worse than they previously expected. When this happens, the dentist may choose to add a pulp cap on the tooth and resume the filling at a later date. This is done to preserve the tooth itself. Dentin is added as a cap to the open tooth, so that the tooth can be strengthened and possibly saved from needing a root canal or needing to be pulled altogether. If you have a temporary pulp cap, you have a chance to change your behaviors and help save your tooth. Here are some changes that you will need to make to help your pulp cap last. 

Get rid of sticky, hard foods

In order to make a pulp cap last, you will need to abstain from hard foods that could damage the cap. Especially in the first days of the cap, you need to make sure that the pulp cap hardens and forms ridges in order to blend in with your normal tooth patterns. If you eat hard foods such as solid candy or sticky foods like taffy, you may cause the pulp to fall out. 

Brush and floss with cognizance

Though the dentin pulp will harden and become like your teeth, it will fall out much easier than a normal tooth. When you are brushing and flossing, check around the tooth to see if the pulp is falling out or seems softer than usual. Changing dentin or dentin that is falling out may mean that you need to go back for a new pulp cap, or you may need to have the tooth worked on soon. 

Pay attention to tooth habits

Though dentin will wear down in around a year's time, in the months after you get the pulp cap, you should pay attention to the way that the dentin wears down. If your dentin is wearing down quickly and you are not eating any hard or sticky foods, pay attention to whether you are grinding your teeth or if you tend to chew on one side only. Chewing predominately on one side can wear down the teeth on that side of your mouth and can cause you to develop cavities more easily in one section. If you find yourself chewing on the side that has the pulp cap, try to become more aware of your chewing habits so that you are not exposing your tooth to uneven erosion. 

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