Choosing Implants For Missing Front Teeth

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Losing your front teeth can be emotionally devastating as well as physically limiting. In years past, a bridge or dentures would have been your only choices. Fortunately, you can now ask for implants. If you need front tooth replacement, implants offer you several advantages over other tooth replacement methods.


When your dentist gives you an implant, they first screw a titanium post into your jaw. After a time, your jaw will grow onto the implant, making it function like a natural part of your mouth. As a result, the crown or "tooth" will have a strong base and will work just like a "real" tooth. An "abutment" goes on top of the implant, and then the tooth is attached. In some cases, this process can be completed in one day.


Although implants are a good choice for nearly anywhere in your mouth, they are particularly good as a replacement for front teeth. After all, people do not really see teeth that are in the back of your mouth, but your front teeth are noticeable for everyone. An implant looks the most like your own permanent tooth and helps maintain the shape of your face. Implants will not slip the way dentures can, so you do not have to worry about people noticing or even hearing them as you eat or speak.


Implants help protect the health of your remaining teeth. Because they stand alone, they do not put additional pressure on your surrounding teeth, which can keep them from wearing down as quickly. As a result, you may face fewer dental procedures. Also, placing an implant does not require that the adjacent teeth be ground down the way installing a bridge does. Implants help prevent bone loss that some other methods can cause. In addition, implants do not cause the chewing and speaking problems that dentures often do. In short, implants are almost as healthy as your natural teeth once were. You are likely to forget that you even have an implant as you go about your daily life.

When you choose an implant to replace a lost or missing tooth, you get a natural looking, well-functioning tooth that will become a stable part of your mouth. When they are placed correctly, you should enjoy years of a carefree smile. For more information about dental implants and their benefits, talk with a dentist like Schirmer Dentistry today.