Did A Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cause Your Teeth To Shift? Why Clear Braces Are A Great Solution

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Did your teeth shift, causing crookedness and gaps, after you had your wisdom teeth removed? If so, and you're an adult, there are corrective options you can get without being embarrassed about the problem.

See an orthodontist to find out if you need to braces to correct the issues. If so, consider these two braces options for a discrete alignment schedule while you get a perfect smile.

Clear Mouth Pieces

The clear mouth piece system like Invisalign is a popular choice for adults because it's see-through design makes it hard to notice during wear. It also provides the following benefits when compared beside regular wire and bracket braces:

  • Easily remove the pieces when eating or drinking sugary beverages
  • Take off the pieces to brush and floss teeth to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Wear the pieces without fear of people noticing or drawing attention to yourself
  • Avoid staining or marks on the teeth because the pieces aren't permanent
  • No broken wires or brackets that need repair or that can injure the mouth 

The orthodontist will fit you for the clear braces and send the mold out to have the clear pieces made. Over time, as your teeth shift into proper position, you'll need to have new pieces ordered. This is your least noticeable option for braces as an adult.

Clear Braces

If clear mouth pieces for your teeth aren't an option, clear braces are the next best choice because they still aren't as noticeable as wire braces. The bracket that is cemented on the teeth is white or clear to match the tooth and blend in, and the wires can be metal or white. The braces will need to be tightened regularly to keep the teeth shifting into place over time. Someone would have to be close to your mouth in conversation to see the metal wires or notice that you are wearing braces, and these can be a more affordable option in comparison to clear mouth pieces if your insurance won't cover the expenses.

Spaces between your teeth will leave the teeth and gums exposed to bacteria and toxins that can cause cavities, gum disease, infections and more. If you had your wisdom teeth out and you've noticed your teeth have started to shift and move around since, make sure you get to the orthodontist before the problem gets any worse. The longer you go without treatment the longer you could have to wear the corrective options to fix your smile.