Lactose Intolerant? Alternate Sources Of Calcium For Your Teeth

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Do you suffer from lactose intolerance? You may worry that you can't get enough calcium in your body, which is something your teeth and bones need for strength. The good news is dairy isn't the only food group that contains the mineral. Here are alternate sources of calcium to protect your teeth.

Vegetables Full of Minerals

One of the best ways to get calcium is through the use of leafy green vegetables. This includes the likes of spinach, kale and spring greens. They are full of flavor and many other minerals to keep your teeth and body in perfect shape.

You can have leafy greens in various ways. Some can be eaten raw in salads or you can cook them in a stir fry or stew. Another option is to blend them with other fruits and vegetables into smoothies.

Fish Rich in Omega 3

If you love fish, it's time to focus on them for the benefit of your teeth. Fish that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids will also be rich in calcium. You can get it from salmon, mackerel, sardines and even most shellfish. The benefit is you're also getting the fatty acids to help protect the brain function and development. Your dentist and doctor will be proud of you.

Flour Fortified with Minerals

Focus on fortified flour for your calcium intake. This can be in any form, and is most likely used in breads and cakes. You will need to watch out for the other ingredients added to these, as they may cause problems for the teeth and have other ingredients that you're allergic or intolerant to. You could make your own to make sure you benefit from the minerals and cut out anything that could be bad for you.

It's not just flour, either. You can find other foods that have been fortified with flour, including almond milk and breakfast juices. Almond or soy milk will cut out the lactose, but you won't taste the difference in most cases. The milks are great for baking, cereals and drinks. Check the labels before you buy to make sure they will give you the mineral you need.

Having to cut out dairy doesn't mean losing out on all the vitamins and minerals. There are so many other foods that include them. Dark leafy greens are certainly the first place to turn, but you can also get calcium from fish and fortified ingredients.

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