Trying To Save A Knocked Out Tooth

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If you had a mishap occur where one of your teeth was struck in a manner that caused it to fall out of your mouth, you are most likely in shock and worried about your health and appearance. It is extremely important to take fast action if you wish to attempt to save your tooth. In some instances, an emergency dentist, such as Matthew C. Cheney, DMD, will be able to reattach the original tooth so you will not need to be fitted for a false one. Here are the steps you should take immediately after a tooth falls from your mouth in an attempt to successfully have it reset in your mouth at a dentist's office.

Clean The Tooth Properly

It will be necessary to clean off the tooth to remove any debris that got on it when it fell out. Grasp the tooth by the crown portion only. If you touch the roots with your hands, the oils present upon your skin, along with potentially excessive pressure, can cause the roots to deteriorate. This would lead to the tooth being unusable when you get to an emergency dentist's facility. Make sure to use the sink stopper when washing the tooth so it does not accidentally get pushed down the drain if the water pressure is too forceful. Turn the cold water to a trickle and allow it to run over the white portion of your tooth.

Attempt To Put The Tooth Back In

If you are able to push the root portion of your tooth back into the empty socket, do so and hold your tongue over the white portion of your tooth to keep it in place. Make sure you place the tooth facing in the proper direction if you try to put it back in your mouth. If you are unable to do this task, your tooth will need to be stored appropriately so the roots do not dry out during your ride to a dentist.

Keep The Tooth Protected With Moisture

If you were not able to insert your tooth back in its socket, it will need to be kept in moisture so the roots do not dry out before you see your dentist. Avoid putting your tooth in water as there may be chemical agents within the composition which could alter the roots. Milk is the best liquid to use for transport if you cannot use saliva to keep the roots moist. If you do not have a container of milk available, place the tooth between your inner cheek and exterior side of your teeth for the ride.