Two Great Dental Tools

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There are a lot of special dental tools on the market that are promoted as tools to help you keep your teeth healthier or that are promoted as items that give you better looking teeth. However, not every single item you see for sale is an item that you'll find to be right for you. When it comes to taking care of your teeth, you'll do best by sticking to the basics and not worrying about investing in things with extra bells and whistles. Brush your teeth regularly, use mouthwash before bedtime and make sure you floss after you eat. These are the things that will really help you to keep your teeth healthy and looking great. However there are two tools that really should be added to your dental arsenal and used regularly. Learn about these tools below:

You should be regularly using a water flosser

A water flosser can reach way back in your mouth in the areas where you can't get floss to go. It can also get in the very tight spaces and other areas floss is hard, if not impossible, to work. A water flosser is also a lot easier to use.

Another reason for choosing to use a water flosser is the effectiveness it has with regards to helping you to improving the overall health of your teeth and gums. Water flossers are considered to be 51% more effective when it comes to reducing gingivitis than regular floss is. It is also twice as effective with regards to reducing gum bleeding. Plus, a water flosser is 29% more effective at reducing plaque than regular floss is.

You should begin with your back teeth and work your way to the teeth in the front. You want to aim the water flosser to right above the gumline and work at about a 90 degree angle. Make sure you use the tip eject button each time you turn the unit off.

You should use a tongue scraper daily

If you're like most people then the chances are good that you use your tooth brush to clean your tongue. The problem with this is the bristles are a little too flexible to really remove all the bacteria off the surface of your tongue, especially if you are a person who tends to use one of the softer toothbrushes. Using a tongue scraper will do a much better job of keeping your tongue clean. This will help to reduce your chances of bad breath, gingivitis and other issues.

The two items above are going to help you in many ways when it comes to your dental needs. From whiter teeth to periodontal care, a water flosser and tongue scraper can be a great answer to prevention needs. Click here for more info about taking care of your teeth and gums.