Heading On Vacation After Your Dental Implant Surgery? 4 Tips To Help Your Implants Heal Properly

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If you've decided that the best way to recover from dental implant surgery is to go on vacation, just remember to take some precautions. While you won't be in the hospital for your implant surgery, it's still surgery, and you'll still need to take some precautions. For the most part, you should be able to do all the things you want to do while you're on vacation unless you've thought about snorkeling or sky-diving. Those are two activities you should avoid until you're fully recovered from your implant surgery. Snorkeling can cause your surgical site to bleed, especially if you dive too deep. Skydiving can cause injuries, especially if you accidentally hit yourself in the mouth while you're speeding through the air. Here are four other activities you should avoid if you're going on vacation right after implant surgery:

Avoid Sunbathing

If you're going someplace warm to recover from your implant surgery, you'll want to avoid sunbathing. It might seem like a relaxing thing to do, but it can actually lead to some serious post-surgical problems. First, the antibiotics your dentist will give you after surgery can make you more sensitive to the sun, which could lead to serious sunburns. Second, the heat can increase your blood pressure, which could cause excess bleeding. Keep yourself safe by avoiding the temptation to sunbathe.

Say No to Smoking

If your dentist had you quit smoking prior to your implant surgery, now's not the time to start back up again. Smoking while your implants are healing could lead to infections, and could interfere with the blood flow and circulation in your mouth. If that happens, your implants might not heal properly.

Stay Away from the Spicy Foods

If your gums are still healing from implant surgery, stay away from spicy foods while you're on vacation. The added spices can get inside your gums and lead to some serious burning sensation. Not only that, but some spices can irritate your mouth, which can slow down the healing process. Hold off on the spicy foods until your implants have completely healed.

Get the Name of an Implant Dentist

If you're going on vacation right after implant surgery, get the name of an implant dentist where you'll be. You never know when an implant screw is going to come loose and fall out. If that happens while you're on vacation, you'll need to get it reattached as soon as possible. Having the name of a dentist ahead of time will allow you to get the treatment you need should an emergency arise.

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