Getting Dental Implants Near The Holidays: Tips To Improve Your Comfort

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Starting in the fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Diwali, and Christmas are all around the corner. This time of the year is synonymous with sweets, delicious cuisines, cocktails, friends, and family. It is the one time in the year when you need your taste buds, culinary adventurous spirit, and most importantly, your teeth, to be in great shape.

If you struggle with your teeth, there is one thing that ensures you have some that look great in the pictures and allow you to enjoy the holiday goodies.

The two approaches to placing dental implants include:

  • Separating the gum tissue from the jaw bone and placing the implant on the bone. After the placement, the gum is sutured over the implant.

  • Using a surgical guide stent to place the implant without separating the gum from the jaw bone. In this case, the implant is inserted through a hole drilled by the surgeon between the gum and the bone.

The latter of these two approaches requires no recovery time and has very little post-op sensitivity, while the more traditional method of separating the gum from the bone requires a few days to a couple of weeks of recovery. Finding comfort after placing dental implants is quite achievable. Here are 4 ways to do so.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth twice a day and follow up with thorough flossing. To achieve the best clean use interdental toothbrushes which are designed to reach into the hard to access areas around your implant.

Avoid Chewing Hard Food

Until the dental implants are healed, keep away from hard foods. Such food will compromise the fix of the dental implants.

No Smoking

Smoking has been attributed to weakening the bone structure which compromises how secure the implant remains. It is one of leading reasons for implant failure.

Visit the Dentist

Your teeth should be cleaned and thoroughly examined every six months to ensure that the implant is maintained in great condition. During this time the dentist can diagnose any problems and rectify them.

Dental implants are meant to enhance your features and improve your quality of life. There is no reason why they should affect your holiday indulgences. On the contrary, they will allow you to enjoy food like you weren't able to before.

The majority of implants are successful, and the remaining portion is often a result of a poor fit of the implants on some people's jaw bone structure, and diseases like diabetes, and lifestyle choices like smoking. Take good care of your implants and your holiday season won't be a problem!