Quickly Freshen Your Breath And Clean Your Teeth Before Being Kissed At A New Year's Eve Party

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It is common to ring in the New Year with a kiss when the clock strikes midnight. But if you are at a party or club, you may notice that your teeth feel a little dirty and your breath smells a little bit funky. Unfortunately, most people do not carry toothbrushes or mouthwash with them, so you may be looking for an alternative way to clean your teeth and freshen up your breath so you can start the New Year off on the right foot. Planning ahead and bringing along chewing gums or mints is always wise, as that can help to instantly freshen your breath. But if you have forgotten to, here are a few ways to quickly clean your teeth and freshen your breath before the clock strikes midnight and your date leans in for a kiss. 

Drink Water

If you are out at a party and notice that your breath is starting to smell a little off and your teeth feel dirty, put down the soda, alcoholic beverages or coffee and start to drink water. Water helps to ensure you are hydrated, which helps your mouth to produce saliva. This can help to combat bad breath. Also, the water can help to rinse away any residue in your mouth that may be lingering, causing the off-putting scent that you smell. 

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

When you begin to have a nasty taste in your mouth or worry about your breath being strong, reach for any fresh fruits or vegetables that may be available to snack on at the party or event you are at. Fresh fruits and vegetables often have a crunch to them. This crunch creates a grit that helps to naturally scrub your teeth, helping to remove bad scents that can cause bad breath while also helping to freshen your breath. 

Chew on a Sprig of Parsley

Parsley is commonly used as decoration on plates. If your host has a spread of food set up, look around and see if there are any springs of parsley, or even items such as mint leaves, used as decoration on the plate. If so, grab a piece and head off to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, chew on the sprig or leaf and then swirl the juice around in your mouth. Spit out the remnants and then rinse your mouth with water to help remove any lingering residue on your teeth. 

Having dirty teeth and bad breath for your first kiss of the New Year is not the way you envision starting off the year. Fortunately, you can combat bad breath, even when you are out and about celebrating the night. However, if you notice your breath seems to be smelling worse a lot more frequently, you will want to make an appointment and discuss this issue with your dentist. Bad breath can be caused by prescription medications or a poor diet. But it can also be indicative of a cavity, the need for a root canal, a loose or poorly installed dental crown or veneer or gum disease and teeth that feel dirty often may indicate you need more frequent cleanings. To learn more, contact a dentist like Robert J Bauder DMD