Scared Of The Dentist? 2 Tips To Help You Relax While With The Dentist

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If you are scared of going to the dentist, then you likely do not get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. This will cause tartar and plaque to build up on your teeth. This will cause cavities and eventually lead to gum disease. Before anything like this happens, below are two tips on how to help you relax while you are with your dentist.

Sedation Dentistry

One of the best ways to feel relaxed while with the dentist is through sedation dentistry. There are different levels of sedation available. What your dentist chooses for you will depend on the type of procedure you are having. For example, if you are getting your teeth cleaned, mild sedation would work well. If you are having something like a root canal, deeper sedation would be better for you.

Minimal sedation is giving you medication to help you feel relaxed. The dentist may also put a mask over your nose and mouth and release a type of sedation gas. This will not make you fall asleep but work in the same way as the medication does. You will be completely aware and awake but will feel relaxed.

Moderate sedation can also be used, which will cause you to not remember very much about the procedure you had. Deep sedation will make you very sleepy and you may be unconscious.

Breathing and Music

If you do not want to have any kind of sedation dentistry, then you should focus on how you are breathing. For example, if you are nervous, you will likely hold your breath often during the procedure. This will decrease your oxygen levels, which can cause you to become panicked very quickly. To prevent this, breathe deeply and slowly, and take regular breaths while the dentist is working on you. This will make your entire body feel much more relaxed which will ease your stress.

Along with breathing properly listening to music also helps. You can focus on the songs you are listening to. This also prevents you from hearing noises from the dentist. For example, hearing a dental drill can become unnerving and cause you to become stressed even if you are not in any kind of pain.

Put some music that you like on your smartphone and bring it and some earphones with you to the dentist office.

Talk with your dentist and they can offer you more tips on how to keep you relaxed while you are in their office.