A Root Canal: How To Prepare And How To Heal

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You have to get a root canal. While you dread the procedure because you fear the dental work is going to be extensive and painful, you should know that getting a root canal is vital to saving your infected tooth and preserving your oral health. A healthy tooth is a healthy mouth, so get that appointment made for your root canal and do what you can to make the procedure as painless and recovery time as quick as possible.

Here are ways you can prepare for your root canal treatment, as well as ways you can heal from the dental work. You may find that getting this more intricate dental work isn't as hard as you'd think.

Take a painkiller before your appointment

Unless your dentist says not to, take an over-the-counter painkiller prior to going to the dentist the day of your root canal treatment. You can take something like aspirin or other pain reliever to help you feel better before you get in the dentist's chair. You'll still get pain management from your dentist, but taking care of some of the pain management at home can help you feel more in control of your treatment.

Get rest before your appointment

You will go through a lot of stress while you get your root canal done, which can take its toll on your body and mind. Try to schedule your root canal for a time of day where you can get plenty of rest before and after. Getting this service done first thing in the morning may be best so you don't have to brood about getting dental work done much of the day beforehand.

Take your pain medication

If your dentist gives you pain medication to help you get over your oral work, then take the medication as prescribed to you. Don't wait until nerve pain becomes active to take your medication as the point of painkillers is to keep pain away rather than treat active pain. If you run out of pain medication or your pain is getting worse rather than better with time, talk to your dentist.

Go to your followup appointment

If you have a followup appointment with your dentist, go to it. This appointment is made to ensure you are healing properly and gives you an opportunity to address concerns you have about your aftercare or treatment. If you have questions about how your mouth is healing, your followup appointment is an ideal time to ask.